The Sizzling Bachchan Siblings on Koffee With Karan

The Bachchan Siblings Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda made the entertaining by spilling quite a lot of secrets from childhood, boarding and birthday parties..

Shweta addressed her sister in law Aishwarya as a self made person and a wonderful mother.

Talking about the thing that she hates about Aishwarya is that she takes forever to return to calls and messages. Shweta further stated she tolerates Aishwarya’s time management skills.

On the show, Shweta Bachchan revealed why her mom Jaya Bachchan hates paparazzi and said, “She gets very claustrophobic when there are too many people around her. She also doesn’t like it when people take her pictures without asking her. She comes from that school of thought.”

Rajkumar Hirani : Hero or Zero

#MeToo movement has revealed a lot of hidden stories, a new case which came up is of our biggest Bollywood Director Rajkumar Hirani.

He has been accused of sexual assault by a co-worker at his production house who has alleged that the acclaimed filmmaker abused her over a period of six months, between March and September 2018, while filming his last movie SANJU..

“I remember forming these words on my lips – ‘Sir. This is wrong. Because of this power structure. You being the absolute power and me being a mere assistant, a nobody — I will never be able to express myself to you…’ My mind, body and heart were grossly violated that night and for the next 6 months,” the HuffPost report quotes the woman as saying in her email to Chopra.

The allegations have reportedly prompted the removal of Rajkumar Hirani Films as co-producer on the movie ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga’. While the production house’s name was included in the film’s teaser, it was absent in the trailer. 

Recently, Rajkumar Hirani issued a statement denying the allegations of sexual harassment. Here is his full statement.

I was completely shocked when these allegations were brought to my notice about two months back. I had suggested immediately that it is essential to take this matter to any committee or any legal body. The complainant has chosen to go to the media instead. I want to very strongly state that this is a false malicious and mischievous story being spread with the sole intention of destroying my reputation.

Funny Joke on Winters

हजारो सालो में एक बार बनता है ये शुभ योग कही रह न जाये आप….

आज रात को मध्य रात्रि 3 बजे ,, ऐसा शुभयोग बन रहा है कि अगर चन्द्रमा की रौशनी मे ,, 3 बाल्टी ठन्डे जल से स्नान करें तो अथाह धन की प्राप्ति होगी ।।

अगर उस पानी में सवा 5 किलो बरफ भी मिला लें तो पीढ़ियों तक धन की कमी नहीं होगी